Day 78: What did you have for lunch today? A half gallon tub of ice cream. 

June 17, 2017

9:15 PM

Total Miles: 1121

Day 77

Initially woke up this morning to rain. Pitter patter on my tent. Oh no.

So I went back to sleep and amazingly it stopped an hour or so later.

I was able to pack up my tent without getting my stuff soaked.


Started hiking and soon came across the official halfway mark!!


I wanted to be more excited but in reality. I was tired.

I haven’t mentioned My sleeping pad has acquired a hole some where. So it becomes deflated during the night.

I ended up waking up 3 times to inflate it during the night.

Therefore. I woke up with a puffy face and low eye lids.

This picture shows how I really felt. Planner was tired too.

After 10 miles we arrived at Pine Grove Furnace general store.

The famous store where the famous halfway half gallon ice cream challenge awaits us hungry hikers.

Did I participate?

Absolutely! Ice cream? My weakness? I get to eat a whole half gallon with no shame afterwards.

Hell yeah! Where do I sign up?!

There is no “time limit” and you have to buy a container and pint. Therefore you have the option of two flavors.

I chose neapolitian for my big container. A recommendation Sparkie told us because then you wont get sick of one flavor.

For the pint. I choose a more yummy flavor of Choclate chip cookie dough.

Alex participated too. Planner opted out.

So we sat and ate and in our minds.. There was a time limit. We were told the record stands at 8 minutes and 40 seconds..

yes. That is crazy…

Alex took 30 minutes.

And I took 35 minutes.

How did I feel during it?

COLD. Honestly. I felt fine through the whole container and most of the pint. When I had a few bites left of the pint though… I had a wave of nauseousness. But by that point. Just finish the dang thing!!

We were given little wooden spoons for finishing.

I thought they were going to be a little hand carved spoon. You know something a little more fancier.


Just a little dinky thing.

But. I will still treasure it 😊

And yes, we hiked on afterwards. Fifteen more actually to finish out the day with 25 miles. I felt extremely full for the first two miles then it slowly decreased.

Around 330 I even had a second wind and was cruising real fast.

Found a great flat camp site before the rain started.

Time to start counting down the miles now!!

Here is my im freezing, full of ice cream, nauseous, I can do this face.

And if this doesnt make you kaugh. Lord I dont know what will. 😂

Day 78

Today we only had an easy 4 miles into Boiling Springs, Pa.

Terrain went from down to flat.


So yes. We were flying and got to boiling early.

Boiling springs is a gorgeous town. The first one I have walked into and really liked. Hmm.. maybe ill move here 😉

We headed to the post office as I had a surprise package from the Insognas!!

I was so excited. It is always fun to not know what you are getting and to get one you werent expecting!

Insognas…Thank You. Your package will help more than you could imagine. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ❤️

From there we headed to the local cafe.

We had decided to have a nero and completely chill out. We walked alot in D.C. So we really didnt get to rest our bodies.

Today we planned to do as such.

First. I ordered some baked oatmeal, muffin, and latte.

My taste buds were dancing. It was that good.

We sat at the coffee shop till around 1230 and around 1 we had some former hiking friends that were a day behind us come pick us up.

We were so fortunate to have been asked by this group called the moonshine gang if we wanted to come to one of their parents house that lived close by.


The moonshine gang is a group of 4 boys. Ham bone, woodpile, laser beam, and hobbs. There isnt a chance you wont laugh when you are with them. They are hysterical.

We spent the rest of the day at ham bones parents house. Who lovingly opened up their home to us.

We watched T.v.

Took showers and did our laundry.

Then we sat outside and chatted for hours and had a delicious dinner. I didnt even get a picture of it because I scarfed it down. Pulled Pork sandwiches, potato salad, cole slaw, fruit salad. Man it was yummy.

Woodpile is on the left. Ham bone on the right. Laser beam went home for most of the day and hobbs did too since they all lived near. We talked about all we had seen and done since trail days since that was the last time we saw them.

Man it was SO nice to see and catch up with them again.

Later woodpile and I went long boarding.

I was hesitant at first but quickly got used to the long board. ( I was really wanting roller  blades though 😂) Woodpile is crazy on them and likes to go backwards. He is crazy.

It was an absolute wonderful wonderful night. The relaxing day we needed was fulfilled.

We even both got our own bed for the night. 😱

Ham bone thank you so much to you and your parents for welcoming us to your home and helping us out with our “town chores” and more!

We plan to head out tomorrow and do some more miles!

Iz and Oz

3 Replies to “Day 78: What did you have for lunch today? A half gallon tub of ice cream. ”

  1. So proud of you, Izzy! Such a huge accomplishment. Inching closer and closer every day!


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