Day 80: Slackpacking for the win. 

June 19, 2017

11:00 PM

Total Miles: 1146

Slept in a wonderful bed last night and took my time getting up this morning. As I slowly start to pack my belongings Planner comes in and says “You are never going to believe I am saying this… What if we double zeroed here.”

I could not believe my ears. Immediately I wanted to grab a pen and paper and jot down the day and time. That was the last thing I thought I would hear her say.

So we sat and negotiated what we should do. We looked at the weather as that always takes huge precedence.

Nice today. 100 percent rain tomorrow on Monday. Hmmm. We definitely didn’t want to take 3 days off. We could, but it is just not our style.

What if we slack packed (Only carry a day pack with snacks and water) today and did 25 miles to the next town from Boiling Springs to Duncannon. They could pick us up from that town, we stay the night, and we could zero on Monday when it was going to rain.

We grinned at each other. The Master Plan. We had our fingers crossed that it would flourish.

Ham bones dad woke up and we ran our idea by him.

“Absolutely! We can do that.”

I’m telling you…nicest parents award to these folks. 

So around eleven we packed some day packs that his mother let us borrow and we headed out.

The day flew. Absolutely went by incredibly fast. We stopped a couple times for water and snack but never felt as exhausted as I do with a full pack.

Pennsylvania was gorgeous. The first 13 miles were utterly flat. Kinda felt like I was in Kansas 😉

We finished 25 miles around 730 and Woodpile and ham bone came to pick us up from Duncannon.

What a day. How badly I want to slack pack everyday. It felt so much better on my whole body.

We arrived back home and Jan, Ham bones mom had dinner ready for everyone. So we took quick showers and ate some delicious food again.

I was feeling satisfied. A pleasant day.

Oh yes. Laser beam brought his roller blades. I had told him that I love to blade. They were quite big on my feet but they still fulfilled my desire of wanting to roller blade. Now I just need my two younger siblings to be blading with me like we do back home.

Later 3 other hikers were picked up and joined the fun. Kinda, Murphy, and Beach Party. All of which I had met before and hiked a little with. It was a reunion for all.

We hung around the fire for a little bit then Planner and I were exhausted and went inside and watched some of Mrs. Doubt fire and then headed to bed.

What a day. What a day!

Tomorrow we plan to take a zero here and then head out on Tuesday.

Day 80

A much needed zero.

I could of not asked for a better place to stay.

I could of not asked for better people to be surrounded by.

Stayed in my bed till about 10 am. Yes. 10am. Something I have not been able to do in years. But all my body kept yelling for was to stay laying. To not walk.

I havent mentioned before.. I usually always say “Had a good morning” what I fail to mention is that I still wake up everyday and step out of my tent and look like I am walking on hot coals.

Every morning my feet hurt. They are usually swollen and sore. EVERY. Morning. What makes a good morning. Is if it is not raining. And there are no fearful skies. Then. it is a good morning.

Any how, the bed held me hostage.

We all slept in and ate breakfast around 11:30. Jim had went to the store and bought food for us to cook. So we had eggs, pancakes, toast, and bacon. Not hiker food. I love breakfast. Nom. Nom. Nom.

We all lounged around outside.

Planner and I planned a little bit for the up coming week.

Later after a storm passed (YESSS. Planner and I were excited. We had picked the perfect day to take a zero) we all went outside and got on bikes/ skateboards/ rollerblades and cruised the town of Carlisle, PA.

It was a ball. You couldnt wipe the smiles off our faces.

Us hikers just enjoy being outside, if we are outside doing something…it will be hard for any of us to be frowning.

I took a nap after and lounged around till dinner was ready.

Once again, some of the best food yet. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, veggies, and cookies. Oh my lanta. Absolutely some delightful food.

Suddenly Hambone had the idea to go to the field across his house and play ultimate frisbee. So we split up between his friends and us hikers and ran all over the field. It was an enjoyable time.

We sat around and all went inside to go to bed pretty early.

Today was great. I have not taken an actual zero since probably trail days but then I was still walking around and sleeping in a tent. So today. Was amazing.

I am ready to get back to the trail tomorrow. These past few days have been absolutely wonderful. But as always. The mountains are calling me as they always do.

Iz and Oz

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