Day 92: Some days… You just need a break. 

July 1, 2017

8:18 PM

Total Miles: 1372

Day 92

As I mentioned… Alex and I abandoned ship and decided to sleep in the shelter.

It was one of our worst decisions yet…

The mosquitos were outrageous. And the humidity was unreal.

So you could either sleeping outside your sleeping bag and suffer being bit by mosquitos or you could stay inside your sleeping bag and suffer sweating to death.

Both options were quite miserable. Every couple of seconds you would hear someone slapping themself in hopes of killing the pesky bug.

Needless to say. I hardly slept.

So we all ended up waking around 5 and decided to just get up. The bugs would not let up and we figured we had enough bites all over us.

I started hiking figuring Id leave the mosquitos in the dust.


The morning hiking was humid and buggy. I was now hiking and slapping myself.

Powerade was smart and had a bug net for his head. 😂

It wasn’t the most pleasant walk..

Tired and irritable I was.

About four miles in I hit the New Jersey and New York boulder! Man how fast that state went.

The terrain strangely changed immediately and New York has been filled with boulders that we walk across.

About ten miles in we went down a road a quarter of a mile to hit Bellvale creamery. Fresh made ice cream.

A lady there said its second in the country.. I’m in.

I ordered a waffle cone with two scoops. It was heavenly. Definitely the best yet on the trail.

Then we sat around for a while. Thankfully they had a big deck with a roof for us to sit under because thunderstorms rolled in quickly.


Freaking rain!!!!!!

I was tired. I really did not want to hike the 10 more miles we had planned and I really didn’t want to tent in the rain.

I. Am. T.I.r.e.d.

We sat around and a man came by and asked how we were doing, we said fine, and he asks… Want free beer?? And holds up a 6 pack.

Uhm. Yeah??

He said well I saw you all sitting here and thought you could use an ice cold one today.

Well.. Thank you!!

In the meantime I had thrown out the idea of getting a hotel tonight.

By pass the rain since the next few days are supposed to be nice.

Planner and Alex were shocked. “Maybe we should capitalize on this”  plus they were feeling the same.

We sat around and watched a few thunderstorms roll in and out.

Planner started calling hotels, just to see if they had availability and how much they would cost.

Mentally I kept going back and forth. I didn’t want to spend the money but mentally and physically.. I needed it.

I found myself becoming teary eyed while sitting under the porch.

It was July fourth weekend and families were coming from every which way.

Fourth of July is my favorite holiday because I get to spend it with my family outside. We usually grill, eat good food, and sit and play games outside. Then. Fireworks. I really, really, love fireworks.

I miss my family.

Multiple times I choked back tears…

I am done hiking today. Lets get a hotel. Its one of those days where I shouldn’t spend the money, but deep down I know I needed to.

Powerade and Colby Jack wanted to join us so A hotel would be even cheaper. Perfect.

Planner found a hotel and a ride. It was set. I was happy. And hungry again.

So I went back inside and ordered a banana split. 😂 ones that Alex and Powerade had ordered. 

It was the best decision yet. It helped Up my spirits.

We back tracked a little and found a hotel south in Vernon that we had passed on the trail the day before. Others were full due to the holiday.

From there I face timed my parents and then we all headed to the grocery store to resupply and get dinner then we sat and watched crazy stupid love.

One of my favorites.

I was feeling better.

I was happier… I just needed today off.

Sometimes a break is good.

Later in the evening after a storm rolled through and rainbow appeared.

Every little thang, is gonna be alright…

We will probably head back to the trail later tomorrow.

Iz and Oz

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