Day 110: 3/4 of the way done!

July 19, 2017

7:48 PM

Total Miles: 1647

Hiking Thoughts:



French fries….





On repeat. All day.
Day 109

The glorious rain. Sigh.

Woke up multiple times during the night due to intense thunderstorms. This morning the people in the shelter said it caused the old shelter to shake.

I packed my belongings this morning and right before I got out of my tent it started pouring again.


So I waited a bit because I figured it’d stop soon enough.

It did and I headed out around 8.

The trail was.. Muddy and wet.

The climbs are becoming slowly but surely harder and harder.

Today we reached the top of a climb where a fire tower stood.

We climbed up and the views were amazing. Full 360.

We reached a shelter after 18 miles or so and decided to call it a day.

The flies love woodpile and I think it is making him bat sh*t crazy.

I almost died laughing multiple times today because he gets in these boxing matches….with flies..

The flies love his he started wearing his shirt as a hat..

I almost went crazy because my foot looked “Dead” as Woodpile announced.

This is what my foot looks like after a day of hiking in wet sopping mud.

Don’t worry… It will dry out during the night I promise.

I’m excited for tomorrow because I think we get to swim! Hopefully it’ll be hot.

Day 110

I slept marvelously last night. Cold outside snug in my sleeping bag.

Headed out around 730 as we planned for a bigger day of 23 miles.

The mud got the best of me. I was ready to go fast and couldn’t because I had to constantly dodge sink holes of mud.

I found myself rather frustrated.

We had one bigger climb today up Stratton mountain.

I plugged in a podcast and was weirdly up the mountain before I knew it. It was rather awesome.

Stratton mountain had another fire tower that showed fantastic views.

We even got to have cookies someone left for us. The inner cookie monster in me wanted to eat the remaining cookies.. It took every thing I had to only eat one. 😂

We didn’t break too long there and flew down the mountain 3 miles to get to the pond we were told about.

It was an ideal break spot for the day. We took off our shoes and socks and soaked them in the water while soaking in some glorious rays of sunshine. We were too lazy to fully get in and swim. 🙂

After a while while decided we should continue on for the remaining 7 miles to our camp site.

We hit prospect rock view with great views to town. It was great to see big mountains again.

Woodpile is a fanatic about mountain springs and their delicious water. We had a great one at shelter. Crystal clear water. No filtering needed.

The first time I drank with out filtering my water a couple days ago was a little nerve wracking. I told Woodpile if I got sick..It would be his fault. 😉
Our camp site tonight is absolutely wonderful.

A couple who were section hiking were there when we arrived and were finishing their day tomorrow and gave us the remains of their food since they didn’t need it.

We were so grateful since we were SO hungry today. Nothing was satisfying our hunger.

Woodpile made a fire. Which is great to have at night for multiple different reasons. 1) To keep warm. 2) To keep the pesky bugs away. 3) To use for some “Hiker Deodorant” Bonfire smell is way better than B.O. smell. 🙂

Woodpile sleeps in a hammock but I steal it for a little bit almost every evening. Oh how comfortable it is! I cannot wait to use the one my cousin gave me for last christmas when I get home.

I can’t believe I only have a quarter of the trail left.

Man how time flies. 

The trail is about to get rough but I am slowly becoming ready for it.

Iz and Oz

One Reply to “Day 110: 3/4 of the way done!”

  1. You’re so ready for it girl. I’ve never doubted you have what it takes! You won’t believe the absolute insanity and the sheer beauty up ahead. And the wildness. You’ve walked an amazing journey so far! We’re so rooting for you as you move into your final quarter of the trail! ❤️️

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