Day 114: Smile.

July 23, 2017

8:54 PM

Total Miles: 1700


Day 113

The mosquitos in our camp spot were outrageous. Just when I was starting to think they were bothering me less…They came back full force. I spent the morning dipping and dodging mosquitos and staying zipped up in my tent for breakfast.

Started out the morning with a big climb. I love having them in the mornings to help get my body moving, but I also hate them at the same time because my body is not yet ready for it. 🙈

Early morning we came to a hanging bridge.

Woodpile and I stood in the middle of the bridge taking pictures of the river running below us. It was quite beautiful and the rocks around it were quite unique.

After we took some pictures we stood there pondering the idea of going down below to explore the rocks some.

Yes and no back and forth we thought then finally I said yes. Lets go back and go down below.

It has really hit me lately that I need to listen to the part of me that says “Yes! Go!” more. The part of me that is itching for adventure and exploration. To not worry about the part of me that says No. The part of me that was worried about the time and how many more miles we have left in the day.


It is about smiles not miles.

It is about making memories.


It is about enjoying the moment with No worries.

From there we went up to a shelter for lunch that was such a wide open pretty area. It was quiet with a creek running beside it. After I ate a nap was calling my name. So I laid down and feel into a peaceful restful state.

Then came the slow trek up Mount Killington. It is the second tallest mountain in Vermont around 4000 feet and is one of the biggest ski resorts in the Northeast.

Naturally, I turned on another podcast and made it to the top. My legs were feeling it today.

The top of the mountain held Cooper Shelter, where we planned to camp.


Then it had an additional .2 to the actual summit of Killington.

Of course we had to do that. The .2 though was intense steep rock climb.

But per usual always worth it..

The views were magnificent.

A sigh of relief. Gorgeous.


We were told after the summit if we go a little bit farther, there will be the ski lift and a lodge where we could get a drink and/or dinner.

We found the lodge and quickly realized that a wedding was taking place there. So we walked up to a lady holding a walkie talkie and asked her if the lodge was still available and she quickly answered “No.. Its closed for a private event and the bride is about to come”

“So we need to like… Skedaddle?”


We got the hint. Us hikers were not welcome to this fancy gathering of black suits and long dresses.

bummed we headed back down the mountain and got our belongings ready for the night.

We again found ourselves inbetween bubbles and no body else came to stay in the shelter.


Rain was starting to trickle down and we were able to stay nice and cozy in the shelter. Woodpile set his hammock up and I had multiple options of where to sleep. I tried to set my tent up in the sheler but there was no place for it to fit. thankfully the bugs werent bothersome.

I can hear some mice, but after some bigger climbs today I think I will still be able to sleep.


Day 114

This morning was chilly! I made my breakfast while staying in my sleeping bag. someting i have not done since the beginning.

Today we only had 6 miles to get to the town of Rutland, Vermont.

Thankfully again a hitch was easy to get, we waited around fo rmaybe 3 minutes until a car came pulling over.

She dropped us off at a donation hostel called the Yellow Deli.

I was told from multiple people that it is “cultish” but an experience to have.

Right on, I am always down for new experiences.

The place is amazing. The women and men are split up into different bunkrooms.

Nice bunkrooms with mattresses…and showers…nice HOT showers and free laundry and breakfast tomorrow morning.

yes. I like it here. And haven’t had any weirdness. 😂

Once arriving I took probably about an hour shower. I had not had a legit shower in a while and it felt amazing. They also had “Town clothes” for us to wear while we did laundry…they had an abundance of clothes to choose from. How awesome is that?

We got dressed up in their wardrobes ( my new shirt from Jordan!)


went to lunch and then around town to do our town chores such as resupplying on food.

The yellow deli was in a perfect spot right by a walmart and a movie theater.

A movie….I have a new adorement of going to a movie now. How relaxing it is!

We went to watch Baby Driver in the small theater and I thought it was such a great movie… So much so, that I could probably turned around and watch it again. Or maybe it was just the sitting, popcorn, relaxing that I enjoyed so much. 🙂

When we got back Planner and Alex had appeared. They had taken a zero day here and went out to the farm with the Deli.

It was a joy to see them.

Planner and I went to grab a drink and catch up on the past two weeks that we had spent apart.

It is crazy how fast time flies and how much we missed each other.

Later the boys came and we played pool and danced in our town clothes to the good music the bartender played.

What a joyous night off trail with wonderful people.

What a crazy crazy life I am living.

Iz and Oz

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