Day 116: The Lookout Cabin

July 25, 2017

9:22 PM

Total Miles: 1718

Day 115

Woke up this morning and was served a delicious free breakfast at 7:30 am. Hearty with eggs, rice, toast, and watermelon. It was to die for.

The rain was back today and the temperatures were low. We are at a fantastic spot. Why should we leave in the rain.

A zero we did. I went back to the bunk room and no joke laid in my bed until 11:30. I just wanted to lay and do nothing active.

So I did some blog work and chatted with a girl heading southbound named Fern for a while. We both had similar schooling and ideas for work.

Finally, I got an itch to do something so Woodpile and I headed back to the movie theater and watched despicable me 3 and then saw the new Spiderman. Both movies were good although I think I am a fan of the original Spiderman. 😬

After the movies we headed back to the hostel and Planner and Alex got back from slack packing so we all headed to dinner at the Yellow Deli restaurant.

Good heavens.. It was, oh my…my mouth is drooling just writing about it. It was that good. Everything was so fresh and made from scratch.

I think I had the best cinnamon roll on trail…

After dinner we moseyed around Walmart to kill time and get Alex a rain jacket for the Whites.

The infamous Whites that I hear such mixed expressions on. “OH it is terribly hard” to ” Its not that bad, you just might slow down a little”

Regardless. I have to do it, so I am going to do it.

This zero was much needed and I am beyond ready now to get back to the trail tomorrow. Two states left!!

Day 116

Slept wonderfully and had yet another delicious hearty breakfast to get the day started.

We (Planner, Alex, Woodpile and I)walked to the main street and stuck out our thumbs. After about 10 minutes a man in a big red truck pulled over and let us hop in the back.

My favorite way to hitch… Ozzy’s too. 🙂

It was a chilly one today. Overcast and light breeze. I kept my rain jacket on for most of the day.

I ran across Kent Pond and was wishing deeply that it was a warm summer day instead of feeling like an early spring or late fall day.

It would of been a great spot for a dip!

I continued on and made it to thundering Falls. A wonderful waterfall, one of the best yet.

A little while later I hiked past a group of moms and their daughters and they hooped and gave a hollar and said ” You are the first female thru hiker we have seen today” I let out a “Whooo” and threw my hands and trekking poles in the air with them.

They naturally had the normal questions and wished me luck for the end of my hike.

It lightened up my mood.

I was in a strange one today. Happy to be back on the trail.

I feel excited to finish and to head home to see family and friends but at the same time I feel sadness that people back home won’t understand me.

This trail has been a blast to blog about and I do my best to help people feel like they are here with me and to reminisce on for myself.

But the truth is. If you aren’t out here doing it, you really can’t fully comprehend it.

Its a strange feeling thinking of going back home and joining “reality.”

If money grew on trees I would hike any and everywhere. It could be my reality which is the sad part.

Anyhow, thinking too much per usual.

I made it to lookout shelter to finish the day with 18 miles. The terrain wasn’t bad so I made it to camp early.

The shelter is awesome.

And the views from up top are even better.

Then the sunset was magnificent.

It is chilly tonight so sleeping in my sleeping bag will hopefully feel great.

Hoping for some nice weather.

Iz and Oz

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  1. Awesome as usual! Can’t wait to see you and hear all about your adventures! Keep on trekking!


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