Day 121: Welcome To The Whites.

July 30, 2017

8:27 PM

Total Miles: 1786

Day 120

Always hard to leave a bed and warm house to get back to the trail, but I was ready this morning.

It felt good to get back into the woods. Home sweet home. Every time I take a zero it feels like I have taken a week off from trail.

The terrain for the day was mostly easy but as the day moved on, the harder it became with a few bigger climbs.

I felt amazing. Minus my feet. (New shoes are a must and soon to arrive.)

Today was rather slim on views but definitely came across a few good areas.

Around lunch time we came across our first view and there was two women and one gentleman day hiking. They saw me and started asking a bunch of questions about thru hiking and were so astonished I had come from Georgia.

I don’t think answering questions will ever get old.

Almost every time I walk away with a huge smile on my face and uplifted spirits.

I love it.

I set up my tent tonight for the first time in probably a week. Since we have stayed in a building or shelter alot recently.

It feels so good to be laying in my tent right now listening to the near by creek and a chill creeping in as I am snuggled in my sleeping bag.

I feel happy. A genuine happy.

Day 121

Slept awesome. Flat ground, chilly air, no interruptions. Amazing.

The morning air was around 45. I have started to eat breakfast while still in my sleeping bag again.

I was ready for today though once I drank my daily dose of Joe. Today was to be big climbs and I was ready.

The first mountain had another fire tower on top. Absolutely wonderful views.

Up there we all waited for each one to arrive and hung out in the little enclosed tower. We all wished we had known about it and would have camped in it last night. It would have been like a little tree house. ☺️

From there we went down and back up our second climb that led to a high rocky out crop.

When I arrived Alex and Woodpile were laying out sun bathing and taking naps.

Yeeee. Naturally I joined them. The weather was perfect.

A little after the climb down planner and I hiked together and we were met by the boys who had “plans for the night” aka they wanted to do less miles. “Woman up men!!! 😜” My inner initial thoughts.

Although they did have good reasoning to stop by a better water source. I looked at my app and noticed people had commented saying there was a restaurant not far off.

The decision was made. We did a 20 miles instead of 23.

While finishing out the day we passed a sign that let us know we were entering the whites and a man named Carl was sitting there ready to give us trail magic. Bananas, juice, corn bread muffins, he would of made us omletts but he was just about to leave. We told him no worries. Receiving anything is fantastic.

We got to the street, made camp, then walked down the road to see if this restaurant was legit.

Yup. It was there! Yay!!

The two boys had gotten there first and a man bought them beer and chatted them up.

We arrived, ate dinner and as the group that talked to the boys left a man walked by said “Happy Trails” or something of the sort and dropped 40 bucks on the middle of the table and walked off.



40 bucks to some thru hikers he doesn’t really know but wanted to help.

We were stunned. Speechless.

It was a great day and night.

Thankful. So thankful.

Iz and Oz

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