Day 123: Get Ready Legs.

August 1, 2017

9:04 PM

Total Miles: 1816

Day 122

Today we had to climb the highest mountain since Virginia.

Mt. Moosilauke that was 4800 feet.

It consisted of a 4.5 mile uphill.

Just up and up and up. No switchbacks like the south. Just straight up.

My favorite part of the uphills is when you hit a point in the trees where you only start seeing blue skies. You know the summit is near and it slowly makes you feel like you are reaching the highest point on earth.

At one point I was able to break from the trees and see the summit. It caused the adrenaline to pulse through my body and I charged ahead.

I made it to the top of Mt. Moosilauke.

It was breath taking…

I sat and ate lunch and took in the great views. This is unreal.

I was feeling great.

That was until the down hill afterwards.

Straight down on huge rocks. Thunk thunk thunk. I could feel my feet becoming more and more tender.

My knees beginning to ache.

Ughhhh I just want to be down this mountain!!

Finally I finished it and then to my delight had to go straight back up another one.

Welcome to the whites… Welcome..

While going up the second one a spurt thunderstorm came rolling in.

Thunder, lightening, little hail, I found myself feeling almost exactly like I did with my brother back on maybe day three.. Where we hiked during the thunderstorm and hollared out a little tune that went with it.

I smiled at the memory. Wee little me who had zero backpacking experience just 4 months ago.

I made it to shelter, we had planned to go 4 more but people weren’t kidding when they said you will slow down in the whites.

My body feels tired. In a good way and I am very much looking forward to sleep.

Day 123

I was beaming to wake up with it not raining.


Next big climb today up to Mt. Kinsman.

Right from shelter a solid 2.5 of up.

And for real. We felt like we were going straight up.

We reached one point where it was complete fog/clouds that we were walking through. It felt like I was walking in this mystical place.

We continued going up and reached above the clouds once we hit the summit.

I constantly was looking behind me.

Wow…. 😲

Absolutely wonderful.

We continued on and yes.. The downhill slows me down more than the uphill but we made
it to the first “hut” of the whites and thanks to Woodpile we went inside to see what it was about.

I figured everything was going to cost alot so why bother.

Wrong. They had left out their leftovers from breakfast which was free. YES.

Of course we filled up on pancakes, eggs, sausages, and oatmeal. It was cold but just what I needed.

9 miles left to Route 3 to hitch into Lincoln, New Hampshire.

We weren’t as lucky with our hitches. Woodpile and I had got 3 different cars to give us rides each about a couple miles a piece in between us walking down the road.

Finally we made it and resupplied on food.

Once Planner and Alex arrived I had a feeling that we might end up staying in town.

Time was evading us quicker than we thought.

We had heard from some south bounders that there was a trail angel by the name of Chet who lets hikers sleep at his place.

By the time we were ready to make a decision we decided to go ahead and try this guys house.

It ended up being a great choice.

Chet was an intriguing man who came out in a wheelchair and sunglasses and before we could come in he grilled us with trail questions. Names of mountains and such.

I was not the best at answering… I just hike. 😂

We passed and he let us in. He had turned his garage into a hostel like area and we are able to get a shower and could of done laundry if we needed.

Ok. I was very happy with our decision.

We went out to eat at One Love brewery and had some yummy food.

Once our bellies were full we headed back and us four squished together on the small mattress space left.

The miles have gone down drastically but as long as we are still moving north, I am happy.

Iz and Oz

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