Day 127: The Nerves are back.

August 5, 2017

8:12 PM

Total Miles: 1862

Day 126

Last night the rain let up and I was able to fall asleep smoothly.

However, Nothing over the night dried so packing up a wet tent unfortunately had to happen.

The clouds looked ominous but caused the lake at our camp site to look alluring.

Right after walking back on the trail the sun started to peak through again.

It may be one of my favorite things. It gives me the strong sense that the man upstairs is watching out for me.

That everything is going to be ok.

Today we had to climb some of the presidential range in the whites. Aka the hard mountains leading up to the biggest which is Mt. Washington.

Planner and I decided to hike together today since it was supposed to rain and our climbs were high. We just felt safer together.

Our climbs went steadily up and down per usual.

Most of the day I had my phone stashed away so it wouldn’t get wet. It is SO going to rain I thought.

Wrong. we were SO lucky.

We missed all the rain as it didn’t happen till about 8 pm and we arrived at a hut around 4.

The views were beyond beautiful as the clouds hung low.

We arrived at Lakes Of The Clouds hut. One of the most popular huts because it is 1.5 miles from the famous Mt. Washington.

We could hardly the mountain as it continued to stay in the clouds.

The huts usually cost up to 140 bucks for a bunk but they usually let a few thru hikers do a work for stay. Aka clean dishes or sweep the floor. The Lake of the Clouds hut however usually takes more because if there is bad weather…Going up Mt. Washington can be fatal. So they never push on someone in bad weather.

This hut however has a room in the “basement” that is called the dungeon that thru hikers can stay in for 10 bucks. It can only fit 6 people so usually the first 6 who arrive can pay to stay there.

We were among the first six and went to see what this dungeon was all about.

“Oh good gravy” I thought when I arrived

Even worse when I opened the door. I couldnt help but laugh. It was kind of like the shelters on the trail but fully enclosed…and tiny…

The places that I have slept on the trail…quite crazy. Whatever, I will do it and set up on the top bunk.

To our delite..Sasquash was here! It was great to see him again. He slept in the dungeon as well.

We did not want to spend too much time hanging out in there so we went back into the hut and hung out with the other thru hikers.

Planner went to look at the games they held and found Pictionary. A game I had told her previously was one of my favorites as it is a game we play at my Grandmas frequently.

So Woodpile, Sasquash, and I were on a team against Alex and Planner.

The rain started outside and I was smiling ear to ear. Being able to be warm inside playing my favorite board game with some of my favorite people.

Couldn’t ask for a better night honestly.

Finally we headed back down to go to sleep and I feel like I am in trouble and I hear all the people in the hut above me. We all laughed at the ridiculousness.

A little bit later the hut master came down and knocked on our door calling out that she had left over goodies for us.

HA!! This is too funny.

Day 127

Sleep seemed impossible in the dungeon. I tossed and turned and read for a good chunk of the night. I was also worried about today. The day was supposed to rain and storm so we decided to wake up early at 4:30 to see if the skies were clear, if so we would head out early to get over the dangerous mt. Washington.

We checked.. it was so foggy you could hardly see anything and the wind was whipping away, so we chose to wait an hour and see what happens.

Nothing changed so we packed up and waited in the hut.

Nerves started forming in my stomach as other thru hikers set out. we decided to wait around to hear the weather forcast at 7:15. I wanted to go, but I didn’t want to be stupid and get caught in a thunderstorm where people have previously hurt themselves or died.

The hut master gave the report and then came over to us immediately and told us that if we were thinking of going today or tomorrow that today would be better because it was going to be rainy yes, but less windy. She said the wind can be outrageous up there and can knock you off your feet.

The nerves took over and I slowly put on my leggings and warmer clothes.

Planner and I gave each other the same look. We knew we had to go. It was an easier decision for the two boys because they are faster hikers and can get to the next hut 8 miles away quicker and be off the ridgeline. For us though..we move a little slower.

We set out and I thought I might puke.

The rocks were slick and the wind was whipping away.

We made it to the top of Mt. Washington.

Aaaggghhhhhhhh! I let out.

The fog was strong and the wind was even stronger up there. We didn’t play around up top, especially since we didn’t want to get cold.

So we headed back down and to the next hut.

I was miserable.

I wanted to be done. The rain had started and I was so cold due to higher elevation. On top of rocks and rocks and rocks and rocks.

You couldn’t look away from your feet.

About a mile from the hut, my hands were stuck in a firm grip around my trekking poles. I need to get to this hut asasp.

We made it and the rain didn’t let up, if anything it came down even harder. We all decided that yes we wanted to do the next 8 miles to town but that we did not want to get back out in the rain.

So we had yet another short day and hung around in the Madison Hut. I met a girl named Shiver who is fresh out of high school and flip flopping the trail. She had alot of spunk and I kept thinking…”You go girl”.

We talked to the cook and asked for work for stay.

She let us and we were able to not only have leftovers for free when we first arrived but had a delicious dinner and with all the thru hikers that were staying to get out of the weather..the “work” was easy as she turned on some music and we danced as we cleaned the kitchen.

The rain even let up in the evening and we were able to have one of the best sunsets. Woodpile was courageous enough to go back outside to take wonderful pictures.

We made the right decision I kept telling myself.

We hung around and once it hit 9:30 for lights out the day hikers went to their bunks and us thru hikers set up our sleeping pads in the dining room area.

I tell ya…we can sleep anywhere.

I am ready. Absolutely 100 percent ready to be in town.

Iz and Oz

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