Day 131: Some days don’t go as planned and that’s okay.

August 9, 2017

8:56 PM

Total Miles: 1892

Day 130

Another bed that I could of taken another zero in. Half of me dreaded getting up and the other half was ready. Lets knock this out. Lets get to Maine.

We were ready to go around 9:30 but Gorham’s willingness to give hikers a hitch proved to be slim.

We waited and waited and waited.

We walked from spot to spot then ended up by LuLu’s antiques.

Finally a man pulled over and said he had room for only two probably.

I begged and said we can squeeze if you don’t mind. The guy had a cover on his bed, I just knew there was room in there. He opened it up and Woodpile and I hopped in.

The day started with a massive climb called the wildcats. It was rocky and tough. It took Planner and I a good while to get over it.

It rained on us a little but only light sprinkles and then it would clear up. Pop up rain showers are extremely common up north.

On the way down to a hut I ran into Pete that I hiked with in the beginning!!

I was thrilled! Izzy! He shouted as I was looking down watching where I was going.

Pete! What are you doing doing south bound??

He decided to flip flop and once he hit halfway flew to katadhin and is now heading south.

It was a blast to see him and his new growing beard. He had nothing but positive things to say about Katadin. I can’t wait.

We reached the top of a mountain and some pretty stellar views.

I will forever love the mountains.

We planned an easier low mileage day since there was hard terrain. We ended up having a full shelter tonight, its as if everyone came back to the trails at the same time.

Day 131

I woke up from the shelter feeling a little groggy and sleepy.

Soon after some yummy oatmeal and coffee with hot chocolate I was feeling amazing.

Like. Really good. My heart was pumping over the big climbs and I was flying.

Eventually the trail leveled out for a solid 3 miles and people probably thought I had taken some kind of substance…

I was cruising with a smile on my face.

I hit a road and walked for a little bit and came to a hostel that Woodpile and Alex were hanging at.

I turned on my phone and received a text from Planner.


She was not feeling good and for the past few days had been having the same symptoms her mom had when she had Lymes’s disease.

Planner thought it best to go ahead and go back to Gorham from the road we were on and get some antibiotics.

Leave no man behind.

So we all hitched back into Gorham and while Planner and Alex went to figure her stuff out Woodpile and I spent the afternoon in Gorham.

We got some lunch and went to a train station museum.

From there we hung up his hammock in the community park where just our luck they were having a free concert.


We relaxed and Alex and Planner made it back around 6:30. Late enough where it seemed best to just stay in town and head out in the morning.

Before we headed to our hotel we stopped by a gas station To pick up some beers.

A fellow gentleman was in there and started talking to Woodpile and I about thru hiking and how his wife had become obsessed with the idea of doing it.

He admired us and then asked to pay for our six pack of beer.


He then wished us the best on the rest of our hike and honked his horn and waved with his wife as they sped off.

That was quite a happy way to end our evening.

I initially felt anxious about only doing 8 miles after having so many short days but quickly realized that it is no big deal. And enjoyed my short day greatly.

Some days don’t go as planned and that is okay. Learn how to enjoy it.

Iz and Oz

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