Day 133: Hello Maine!

August 10, 2017

8:44 PM

Total Miles: 1908

Day 132

My eye lids didn’t want to open and my body didn’t want to leave the hotel bed again. Gorham is a black hole that sucks you in.

No no no. I want to stay but knew that I needed to get up as the clock already read after 7.

I told myself that a trip to Dunkin Donuts was a must again before we headed out. šŸ˜

I started the hike out with Planner to make sure she was feeling alright.

Thankfully she was and we hiked at a good pace

We came across some wonderful ponds.

We were having a beautiful day. The weather was perfection.

Alot of up and downs and constant sweating

Later on the day I came across Success Mountain. It was one of the bigger climbs of the day and had a few rock scrambles but once on top. My breath was taken away.

The 360 views made a sense of relief come washing over me.

A sense of ah ha… This is it.

This is what I came to do.

Earlier in the day we had all talked about how we were ready to be done hiking.

As I am…but equally I am not.

What will I do without these hard mountains to climb and these stunning views to see?

We made it to Maine today.

Maine. The last state.

Maine. I was jumping with glee.

I am in Maine. 281 miles left of this adventure.

How unreal.

I am SO excited to explore this state and see what it has to offer.

Day 133

Rain rain go away come again another day.

Woke up about 430 am to a thunderstorm rolling in.

Great. I thought it was going to pass through quickly… Which it did but the rain lingered.

So we started our trek in the rain but thankfully it passed as we approached the top of our first mountain.

It was a good climb and a beautiful one.

It felt spacious and beautiful.

Today was a big day. The infamous Mahoosic notch day!

I was beyond excited. It is deemed either the most difficult mile or the most fun mile depending on your perspective.

It is a mile long of huge rock piles.

Huge where you sometimes have to climb in between and through little caves.

To me… It is an adult play ground.


I put my trekking poles up and used my hands and arms climbing all around.

Us four took our time and had a blast.

Afterwards was the climb called Mahoosics arm which was a steep up hill climb filled with slanted rocks so we had to use tree roots to grab hold of to keep us up right.

During this part the rain decided to reappear. Great.

We made it to Speck camp site and decided it was smarter to stay so we could sleep in a shelter.

The terrain is hard and doing as many miles as before almost seems impossible.

Oh well… As long as we are still moving north.

Iz and Oz

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