Day 20: Bushwhacking And Tramilies.

May 30, 2021

Mile Marker: 440

Miles Hiked Today: 28.5

This morning I woke up to one of the best sunrises yet. I also had a pretty good night of rest too. It helps to be near people and have great cool weather.

Our day was split up in different sections. The first goal was to get to a fire station to fill up on water from their spigot.

Then we had a 13 mile water carry to another stream. Little did we know that a majority of the trail was going to be overgrown to the point where we felt like we were bushwhacking. Just as our legs were healing from previous scratches, we now have fresh new ones.

We also had another rattlesnake scare. Just as I was passing through overgrown bushes we heard it rattle at as us. Since I was right by it I continued forward and Planner stepped backwards. She then had to bushwhack around the opposite way to give it some distance. Fortunately or unfortunately we couldn’t see exactly where it was but could hear it rattle crystal clear.

We made it to the creek around 2 and were lucky that there was a faint trickle left. Im sure in a few weeks it will be completely dried up. I can’t imagine hiking this desert much later than we are. It is becoming ridiculously hot and dry.

From there our next goal was to make it to the ranger station 4 miles down. We were told a trail angel stays there and has been restocking the supplies every day. Some of the hike was covered with gorgeous flowers that I couldn’t stop taking pictures of.

We arrived and were filled with glee as there was a huge cooler filled with cold drinks and another filled with chips and cookies. Everything was only 1 dollar!

I was, for some strange reason, craving an ice cold Coca Cola so I got that, one Gatorade, and of course some cookies. I was thrilled. It’s the little things like that, that make our days more enjoyable in the heat.

The man who was in charge of it was also a double triple crowner. Which means… he had hiked the AT, PCT, and CDT TWO times! Which is crazy to think about. He was a character, he kept making us laugh with all the stories he had.

After an hour or so of rest we then hiked 4 more miles to a camp spot.

Planner, Conrad, Some Guy, Tide, Bottleneck and Primetime all showed up and we had our dinner together and shared many laughs before the night sky made us all tuck into our sleeping bags.

I am cowboy camping again! Yay! Learning slowly but surely.

As I was typing this under the stars, I heard Bottleneck yell out and told us to look at the sky as we could see lines of satellites pass through the stars all perfectly spaced out. It lasted about a minute. It felt a little freaky watching it. I hope the sky doesn’t become full of them.

Iz and Oz

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