Day 30: Over A Quarter Of The Way Done!

June 9th, 2021

Mile Marker: 689.1

Miles Hiked Today: 25

It seems like the closer we get to the Sierras the colder it is becoming. This morning we stayed curled up and watched as Some Guy headed out early. It was time for him to finally leave us and head out for some bigger miles and continue on his journey of completing the trail in 99 days.

We all felt like we were sending our kid off to college. Some Guy is going to crush it! With his positive outlook and determination, he is going to accomplish great things in life no doubt.

A while later Planner and I headed out for the day. The water sources were a bit more prevalent today which made us happy. We also only planned for a 25 mile day so we took it easy. It’s so nice to have water sources! So soon will we be able to throw away some of our extra water bottles!

For some of the uphills Planner and I listened to some podcasts. They help keep our minds off of the climb and distracted when we are tired.

The trail led us through desert views and then back through pines like it is teasing us, getting us excited for the Sierras.

Look at the bearded dragon? I also saw!

After about 17 miles we ran into a beautiful flowing creek and then ran into Ron doing trail magic again!

He was giving out drinks, hot dogs, chips, etc all for a dollar each. Planner and I chugged some Gatorade and asked Ron about the Sierras. He made us excited telling us that it was the best part of the PCT.

After resting for a couple hours we headed out for 8 more miles. It felt nice to not rush and know that we were going to get to camp around 6 pm.

I told Planner today that I am starting to feel so much more in tune with myself. I am focusing more on my body and on my thoughts and emotions. Figuring out why I may be frustrated or why I am thinking what I am. It’s interesting to see where my thoughts go while hiking and once again I find myself trying to bring myself back to being present. Our minds are a piece of work.

The whole crew and Gator made it to the campsite and also a thru hiker named Beans who we have leaped frog with a few times. He is from St. Louis so I love that this group is a lot of midwest people! Whooooo!

We were all sitting around eating dinner and slowly but surely the temperature started dropping and we all were becoming cold. It became clear that we were not going to be cowboy camping so we had to set up our tents. I felt weird like I haven’t set up my tent in weeks! But also excited to be back in my little cocoon.

Conrad (Thankful) also told Planner and I to shut our eyes as he had a surprise for us. We held our our hands and he placed a beer in them. We were shocked! He had gotten them from Ron and the trail magic and hiked the whole way with them!! Tide and Bottleneck also had a beer in their hands as well. Thankful then made a speech about us all making it to 700 miles tomorrow and for it being our last day in the desert. We then cracked the cans open and drank with smiles. Cheers!!

It truly was a celebration to be had. The desert had wrecked us but also made us strong. We will be walking into Kennedy Meadows tomorrow strong and proud and ready.

Eeeeeeeeeee!! Here we go! In a weird way it feels like a whole new chapter is starting.

Iz and Oz

4 Replies to “Day 30: Over A Quarter Of The Way Done!”

  1. Goid news from Izzy and Ozzy! Thanks! I love the updates! Keep on trucking!


  2. Izzy you are awesome girl!! You are one strong lady, you are not to be messed with! The blogs are so enjoyable to read and I enjoy them extremely have a good trip. I’ll be following you both along!!🤟🏼

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That “bearded dragon” is called a horny toad! (Lol I’d only ever heard the name said out loud and never wrote it out… awkward. Lol) But Josh used to collect them as a kid and stack them in pringles cans 🙂

    Thank you for sharing all your adventures!!! I’m a bit behind, but so loving catching up and seeing all your amazing pictures and reading these great stories.

    Love you, Izzy! So proud of you!


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