Day 31: Kennedy Meadows Here We Are.

June 10th, 2021

Mile Marker: 702.2

Miles Hiked Today: 13

We woke up this morning cold and filled with adrenaline. Kennedy Meadows!!

This place is one of the most well known places on the PCT. It is the end of the desert and the beginning of the Sierras. A mountain range that some people will claim is the best all along the entire Pacific Crest Trail.

Planner and I started out at 6 am and after a few minutes of walking were running down the mountain. We were cold and amped. So much so we made it the 5 miles down in under an hour.

From there we had ample amounts of water sources so we hardly had to fill up and could just cruise on the easy terrain to the road that led us to Kennedy Meadows.

We also hit mile 700!

Ron the previous day had let us know that there were only about 30 people or so that actually lived in Kennedy Meadows (I think it’s more like 100) but still I had no idea what to expect to see when we arrived.

We got off the trail and hiked one mile down a paved road. We then walked into the General Store where hikers were every which way. A whole lot of them cheered us on as we made our way onto the patio. It was such a feat to make it there and be “finished” with the desert.

Our first goal was to get our resupply. Kennedy Meadows is a common spot for most people to send their cold weather gear ( base layers, fleece jackets, gloves, micro spikes, ice axe, etc).

While waiting for the owner to find our box we squatted down and loved on the many dogs roaming around. I especially couldn’t get enough of this little guy.

We sat out on the back patio and started organizing our food. The Sierras require a bear canister and I didn’t have one sent but decided to go through my food first and then would head to a store to rent one.

Once the rest of our tramily arrived we then headed over to “Grumpys” by a trail angel (about a 3 mile drive). Grumpys is a tavern that has food and free showers, tenting, and laundry for hikers. They also had huge electrical outlets for us to charge our electronics as well. We knew this was going to be the spot to relax at.

To top it off too, Some Guy was still there so we were able to hang out with him again for a bit until the evening where we actually said our last goodbyes all giving him a big hug.

We ordered some food, I got a double cheeseburger that, thank the lord, made me actually feel full.

I checked out the coolest outfitter store that was made out of a storage container and was told to come back the next day to get a bear canister to rent. I decided not to purchase one since I could rent one for literally half the price.

We then started a load of laundry and I was able to take a nice warm outside shower. I really could not believe how all of this was free.

The afternoon was spent socializing and working on some blogs and eating a huge banana split. 😄

There are a ton of hikers all around which initially was a little overbearing but hikers quickly started headed out for the day and/or to a different location.

It will never cease to amaze me that there are all these hikers near me but yet, during the day while hiking on the trail I only ever see a few of them.

I have so much excitement for what is to come. A little bit of nerves since it is high elevation and colder climates but I know it’s going to be so worth it.

Wish us luck!

Iz and Oz

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