Day 32: Bear Canisters And Meadows.

June 11th, 2021

Mile Marker: 719.2

Miles Hiked Today: 17

Sleeping in is always fantastic. All of us planned to eat at Grumpys for breakfast as we were told it was amazing. Breakfast didn’t start till 8 so we stayed in our tents for a while, packed, and mozied over to the restaurant.

A line had already formed. We were hungry hikers ready for food. I ordered the Hiker Breakfast that was eggs, hash browns, sausage, and all you can eat pancakes.

However, they failed to mention that their pancakes were ginormous. Even on the AT, I have never ever seen a pancake this size before! They were a little slow getting the food out and we were salivating waiting for the big fat cake to head our way.

I unfortunately was not able to finish it. I had truly thought I was going to, but halfway through my stomach had had enough and I didn’t want to over do it before heading out.

After breakfast I went over to a nearby shop called Triple Crown Outfitters and rented a bear canister. The Sierras require that you have one.

I was talking to the owner and some how I had mentioned I was from Kansas. Her eyes lit up;

“Where about?”

“Like 30 minutes south of Kansas City.” I responded.

She then asked specifically for the name of the town and claimed that she had lived in Shawnee for 25 years!!

I told her I was from Gardner and she knew exactly where I was talking about. I was ecstatic. We talked some about Kansas and she told me that she had wished she stayed. She said she loved Kansas because it was cheaper, fun, and the people were so nice. I agreed. I told her how I loved traveling and doing all these things but I loved that Kansas was home base. I don’t really think I could or would live anywhere else. ❤️

We all headed back to the general store to finish some last minute purchases. While there we witnessed a puppy and kitten playing with each other. We think the kitten thinks it is a dog since it is around 5 of them all day. I have never seen two play like these two were. I was completely fascinated at how gentle the puppy could play and how aggressive the cat pounced on the dog. How crazy!

We soon after headed back to the trail. It felt strange and exciting. I didn’t know what to expect and then find myself not wanting to expect anything and to just let it come and go as it pleases.

The beginning of the trail was similar to the desert with sand but slowly we started to see the pine trees and meadows. I know it’s still only a glimpse but I’m excited.

Our packs are heavy with the bear canisters and figuring out how to get them to lay nicely in our packs is hard but the good news is that we don’t have to pack an excessive amount of water. We all even threw away a water bottle since the carry won’t be that long. Nothing like 20 miles at least. Thank God.

It’s going to be a whole change of routine for sure and I’m ready to see it out.

We settled on a 17 mile day after getting out of town late at noon which was pretty impressive for ourselves. We are cowboy camping for maybe the last time in a while at 8,000 feet.

We saw a lot of day/weekend hikers which I always love. For some reason it gives me encouragement and makes me excited to know others are out here too.

Tonight we are camped next to a family. Mom, dad, and their son. We tried our best to not be too hiker trashy around them. 😂

Oh, Conrad and I have continued to do 50 pushups every night. We had forgotten one night while in Kennedy Meadows and I made the new rule that when we were in town, that we didn’t have to do them. I’m sure we will though if one of us remembers. 😅

Here’s to starting the Sierras!

Iz and Oz

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