Day 41: Mosquito Galore.

June 20th, 2021

Mile Marker: 869.2

Miles Hiked Today: 25

What a gorgeous start this morning. The lake was calm and the sun was shining behind the huge mountains. Couldn’t of asked for a more peaceful way to wake up and have my oatmeal and coffee.

The beginning of today was relaxing. We had 14 miles of downhill. Planner and I cruised easily for this majority of the day.

We came to 2 river crossings that didn’t have any clear rocks laid out for us so we just charged ahead, shoes on and all. Fording our way through. The water was only up to our calves both times so I didn’t feel nervous about it. During a high snow year, I’m sure these crossings were incredibly scary.

After half of our day was hiked we came to a creek that had a perfect swimming hole for us. It was becoming hot and we figured we would get in and have lunch while we waited for the rest of our group to show up. I was thankful for the sun though and no rain!

The water was cold but after dunking, I was still able to stand with my legs in the water giving them a nice ice cold bath. Planner and I then started brushing away at all the dirt on our legs. A dip and a wash. 😂

After our long lunch break we headed back up the trail and found ourselves feeling like we were in the desert. The sun was beating down on us and we had yet another huge climb to Selden Pass. Supposedly after the Sierras we go back into a desert like landscape and I can feel myself already dreading it from today. I guess if the water carries aren’t bad it won’t be the worst.

During multiple parts of today I felt like I was hiking the AT again. Nice dirt trails through forest pines. It made me feel homey and nostalgic.

We then made it up the pass and decided to have dinner there. The mosquitos for majority of the day have been at every water stop and we figured the highest up we could get, the better.

Here is how I typically look getting ready for dinner, digging in my canister pulling out everything I am able to eat.

We still had a few miles but for the most part we were able to eat dinner without smacking ourselves too violently. Plus there was an outstanding view.

Dinner and a view, what more could a gal ask for.

Bottleneck, Tide, and Conrad all showed up and we talked some about the plan for the next few days and coming weeks. We only have 7 more days of carrying our bear canisters! Yay! Hopefully we will feel zoomy fast not having it weighing us down!

We then hiked 3.5 miles down to our site and saw our sister crew about a mile in. They said they decided to stop early since they heard the mosquitos were bad down a couple more miles. We, stubborn like we are, continued on anyways. We like to keep the miles consistent plus we had the goal to have only 10 or less miles into town.

We zoomed down the trail and started to see more and more mosquitos. I tried to remind myself to stay level headed. Deep breaths, swat them away, but stay collected.

We reached a camp spot and immediately tried to set up our tents as fast we could. Once inside I felt like I could breathe again.


I then laughed at the ridiculousness. Never have I ever experienced so many mosquitos. It was even worse than a couple days ago. Now I lay in my tent with them all resting in between my rain fly and tent, waiting for me to step out.

As long as they aren’t buzzing by my ear. I’ll be okay.

Iz and Oz

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