Day 63: Quincy Thriving.

July 12th, 2021

Mile Marker: 1270.3

Miles Hiked Today: 17.5

The crew woke up at 5 am this morning so that we could bust out 15 miles early and get into the town of Quincy with plenty of time to spare.

The hike was relatively easy terrain however, we were stuck in the trees with minimal views.

I found myself wondering how I did this so much on the AT, I have become so accustomed to having scenic views all day.

These trails really are night and day, it’s incredibly hard to compare them.

We made it to the trail head and parking lot around 10:45 and I was fearful we weren’t going to get a hitch since there were minimal cars heading to Quincy but after 15 minutes or so, a speeding SUV pulled off and opened their trunk. We all rushed putting our belongings in as she told us she was in a hurry.

She worked at one of the local bnbs and knew the roads well. She was zooming, swerving down the mountain, looking back at us, not really paying attention to the road. I couldn’t imagine myself driving these curvy roads so fast but thankfully we arrived in Quincy safe and sound.

She dropped us off and we headed to a restaurant called Mountain Thunder. We were told it was a great place for breakfast/lunch.

I ordered some eggs, potatoes, toast, and pancakes and was in breakfast heaven. I mean, this place had it dialed to perfection.

There wasn’t a thing I ate that I didn’t like AND to top it all off… they had the most inspirational bathroom I have ever sat in.

The morning was starting off right.

Right before we finished paying for breakfast, Joe, Tide, and Goldie came in with childish grins stretching from ear to ear, ice cream cones in their hands, and remnants of it in their beards. They let us know that a local shop gives PCT hikers a free one. FREE!

There is always room for ice cream. We headed down the main strip and ordered ourselves some magic to eat while we headed to the grocery store to resupply food.

We only needed to resupply for 2 and a half days and I found that more difficult than packing for 5. All the items come in larger quantities so figuring out exactly what I need took some time.

After spending a ridiculous amount of time in the grocery store we headed to a local veterans facility to cool off in the AC.

Have I mentioned yet how stinking hot everywhere is?!

It feels like an oven when we are outside, especially at lower elevation.

We took time charging electronics, eating, and calling loved ones. Around 5 we decided that we needed to pack up and head out.

We walked down the road and a man on his bike cycled around and asked where we needed to go and that he would bike home and then give us a ride to the trailhead. Just like that.

We were so incredibly lucky. Quincy proved to be such a hiker friendly town.

We rode back and only had 2.5 miles to hike. We decided to keep it light and easy for the evening. Some of us had also packed out beers to enjoy once we found a good spot with a view.

About 2 miles in we found the perfect place and cracked the beers open and gave a cheers.

We eventually made it to our tent site and decided the mosquitos were minimal and that we would cowboy camp. It was my first time since the desert!

Today was a good day, a fantastic day. It’s always so rejuvenating going into town.

Iz and Oz

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