Day 64: Swimming Saves The Day.

July 13th, 2021

Mile Marker: 1295.5

Miles Hiked Today: 25

We woke up at 5 am this morning to get out early before the heat. It seems as if we have shifted back to our desert time schedule. For some reason 5 am seems a whole lot different than a 5:30 wake up time. It’s difficult, but needed.

This morning the hike opened up to a beautiful ridge that wasn’t too hot yet. We were actually able to enjoy the views without sweating like pigs.

For a big portion of our day we had a huge decent into an area called the Belden Resort. Tide called it, it was nice going downhill but it felt like we were going downhill into an oven. The resort from what I could tell was an RV/campground park that also had a bar/general store but it was closed Monday and Tuesday. Most of us didn’t think we were going to be able to do anything there but to our delight the campground owner (or who I assumed was) opened up the general store for us hikers.


We got some beers and ice cream to devour on this hot day and then immediately were looking into how we could get into the nearby river to swim. We needed to cool off for a bit.

A little ways down there were picnic tables and a perfect entry to swim in the cold river. It was so refreshing.

Afterwards we decided to siesta for a little bit. We ate, napped, got back in the water, and then finally decided that we should head out for the monstrous climb.

While napping/closing my eyes, I felt like I had this pure moment of bliss.

This moment where I inhaled and exhaled and smiled.

Just truly grateful for the life I am living.

It was a Tuesday, at 3pm, and everyone back home was working and here I was laying on a deck absorbing rays of sunshine.

How lucky am I?

A little bit after 3 we decided to hike out. Not the best timing but I thought there may be another swimming hole along the way to dip into. This wasn’t the case AND the weather was HOT. I mean instant sweat when we started climbing. I knew we were in for a doozy.

It seems as though the trail now is a time for podcast, books, and music to push us through, to get us further north.

It appears to be a section many people drop out of, kind of like the Virginia blues on the AT. We are almost halfway which intimidates people because we still have over half left and the Sierras are done. Some people just don’t see the point any more and pop off.

Don’t worry, that’s not in my thoughts at all. I am finishing this dang thing!

We made it halfway up the climb for a total of 25 miles for the day. I felt so satisfied especially when I get to camp around 6:30-7 having done that much AND taken long breaks.

Time for some good good sleep.

Iz and Oz

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