Day 73: I’m Back!

July 22nd, 2021

Mile Marker: 1490

Miles Hiked Today: 29

All I needed was to put that good juju out into the universe for some good sleep and I got it. I slept so well and had another great view for this mornings sunrise.

The day started out with around 10 miles of decent. There couldn’t be any better way for me to start the day and warm up.

We were cruising quickly and I felt like my body was back to normal. I was hitting that 3 miles per hour mark and sometimes even more.

I couldn’t stop the happiness from bubbling. Gahhhhhhhh! It just felt good to feel good!

For the second half of the day Journey and I embraced in conversation about God and religion that lasted for miles.

Hiking with someone on trail allows for good conversations and time to pause and think about what each other has said and continue on more. We can talk about a topic for as long as each of us are interested because we truly have all the time in the world.

I think this is why we feel so close to other thru hikers so fast after meeting with them. We can learn so much about each other in a matter of days. It’s a weird time warp when we go back to when we had first met each other and realize it had only been a few weeks.

The day flew by easily and towards the evening we were blessed with a big river that we could take a dip in to wash off.

It was a surprisingly ice cold one but felt lovely. It was strange as we took dips we started noticing families coming down side trails to our area.

What the?

It was crazy to me how we could feel so remote and not realize that there was some parking lot nearby that people could just walk a short distance to our location…

We talked to a local about our trip and then continued on 2 miles to our camp spot.

It was right off a dirt road, not an ideal spot but we were ready to eat and go to sleep to get into town the next day.

There were also a large amount of bees in our area. Some kept diving into my meal… I think I ended up scooping out 3 total that couldn’t contain themselves.

And one bee kept going for my belly button?!?!?

What strange creatures.

The sun is falling and darkness is filling the skies. Kale unfortunately didn’t make it as far as us today and let us know that she headed into town early off of one of the side trails. She was dealing with some feet pain.

Here’s to hoping I see some of the crew tomorrow in Shasta! So happy I feel back to normal so far!

Iz and Oz

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