Day 74: Mount Shasta.

July 23, 2021

Mile Marker:1501.2

Miles Hiked Today: 11

We woke up early and started the 11 mile decent into Mount Shasta. Once again, my stomach felt solid, no gurgling and I felt well rested. I didn’t want to get my hopes up but man, I was feeling good.

I was cruising quickly down the mountain and reached mile marker 1500!!

The crew had stayed the night in Mount Shasta and we were planning to roll in, resupply, and then head back out to get closer to them.

As I was heading down the mountain, I turned on my phone and shortly after Planner called me. She had let me know that they were getting a ride from another hiker’s friend and that she could meet me at the trailhead with their hotel room key. Their checkout wasn’t till 11 am and it was 8:45.

This meant, if I could get down the mountain fast enough, I could get a ride back with the friend AND get a shower and place to charge my electronics before 11.

I was sold. I hung up the phone, secured it in my backpack, and took off.

I had about 20 minutes until they reached the trailhead and since it was a nice, smooth downhill I was flying. I’m not sure I have ran so fast before.

It felt good to feel healthy and alive. I could not be stopped. I’m sure if someone saw me they would have thought I was being chased by someone and running for my life.

I reached Planner, Bottleneck, and Conrad and talked a while with them while I waited for Journey to arrive. They were planning a full day and we would keep in touch where they would be in the meantime.

Journey showed up and we took the ride to their hotel to shower and wash some socks. Around 11 we headed out to complete our town chores.

First up, breakfast! We went to a local diner and filled up on deliciousness.

We then continued on to the grocery store. While shopping we ran into Beans. He had let us know him and Zelda were also experiencing some weird stomach bug and were staying the night in town and would head out the next day.

Journeys and I’s motivation was already decreasing to get back out to trail and having heard this, it made us want to stay in town even more.

We started thinking that we could hike out with them the following day and then eventually catch back up to the group.

As soon as we finished our grocery shopping we headed back to the hotel Planner and the group had stayed at the previous night and got ourselves a room. I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. To just take the evening off to relax and take the pressure off myself to race to the group. I know in time, we will be right there with them.

I spent the evening catching up on blogs and eating some delicious Mexican food.

Plans are always changing but we will be ready to get back out tomorrow! Rest is a good thing!

Iz and Oz

One Reply to “Day 74: Mount Shasta.”

  1. So glad you listen to what your body and spirit need and not let artificial deadlines dictate what you will do. Glad you are back to health and experiencing smiles of the universe!


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