Day 102: Trout Lake And Huckleberries.

August 20th, 2021

Mile Marker: 2245.4

Miles Hiked Today: 17

We woke up around 6 am this morning, packed up quickly, and headed 2 miles to a highway to hitch into Trout Lake, Washington.

We didn’t know if a hitch was going to be difficult or not but decided we would try our luck. If all else fails there was a shuttle coming at 8:30.

Unfortunately, it ended up taking a while, so much so I plopped down on the road and made some much needed coffee.

I also found the perfect way to lounge as we waited.

We eventually got a ride with a man who is retired. He told us that he goes to the trail during the week and then stays home on the weekends.

That’s my kind of living…smart man! Stay on the trail when there is less people and then go back home when everyone comes out!

He dropped us off at a cafe/gas station and we went around back to find a spot to order breakfast.

I ordered some huckleberry pancakes and let me tell you, they were hands down some of the best pancakes I have had on trail. I mean, just delicioussss!

Planner had also went next door to a coffee shop and brought back huckleberry scones for all of us.

It was huckleberry heaven here.

While we were sitting at the restaurant a family behind us turned around and starting talking to us about the PCT. They were fascinated with how we were living and getting around. The woman then got up and came back with a box of hot cocoa for us. She said they made these and wanted us to have some.

How sweet??

Trout Lake was very quickly becoming a hiker friendly town to us.

We eventually headed down the street to the general store to resupply and charge electronics. We also went through the hiker box and found Conrad a new outfit.

After that was done we went back to the cafe for lunch and ordered some huckleberry mocha lattes and pie. I’m not kidding, huckleberry heaven!

We sat next to two men who lived in Trout Lake. They were sweet and interested in the PCT. After a while they were taking amongst themselves and got on the topic of marriage and divorce. Yes I was eavesdropping.

One of the men said, “Everyone says it’s communication that a marriage needs to survive. But I don’t think that’s accurate.” The other man then asked why and he responded “I think it’s listening to one and other, like actually listening to what the person is saying and needs. I also think it needs forgiveness. If you can’t forgive and listen to your partner, a marriage cannot survive.”

I pondered this to myself and how I thought this was actually good advice for anyone getting married.

Listen and forgive.

We headed out to the road to hitch back to trail around 2 pm. Later than we wanted but that was typical for town days. Sometimes towns feel like a vortex and it’s hard to get out of them. We stood on the side of the road for about 10 minutes and eventually a truck pulled over for us. They asked if we were okay sitting in the back of the truck and of course we said yeah. All we wanted was a ride, we could fit however we needed to.

It was a gorgeous yet chilly ride back and when we arrived, we had to put on our rain jackets and fleeces. It was becoming cold and rainy.

The fog was thick and we didn’t have much views for majority of the afternoon.

Then in the evening when we were passing by what was supposed to be Mt. Adams, the clouds started to part and we were able to actually get a close up view.

I was in awe when the clouds fully let up and I could see Mt. Adams in its entirety.

Just wow. I felt like the mountain was right at my fingertips. These pictures will never do it justice.

I continued on while continuously looking over my shoulder at the glorious mountain, trying to get a view from every angle.

We continued on for the night and found a camping location that was packed with tents every which way we walked. Since we were near Adams it was bound to be expected, but man, its hard coming from a trail where there was hardly anyone!

We decided under some trees, near some other tents, hoping that the people wouldn’t be too peeved at us.

It is ridiculously cold tonight, it might just be the coldest yet. Hopefully we can all stay dry and warm!

Iz and Oz

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