Day 108: Snoqualmie Pass.

August 26th, 2021

Mile Marker: 2394

Miles Hiked Today: 27

We woke up this morning before the misting started and were lucky to be packed up before it soaked our few belongings.

Majority of the morning was us hiking in the fog and mist. We had a big day before us so it kept us motivated to push through.

I ran across more of the little phrases on the trees today.

My favorite was these two.

I spent some of the day wondering if there was going to be more to the sentence, but then decided I really enjoyed that all it said was “What If.” That in itself, has so much meaning. I wondered how many people earlier in life had asked themselves the question of “What if I hike the Pacific Crest Trail?” and now, were nearing the end of the hike. How do they feel now? Do they think it was a good decision they made? Will they act on future What Ifs?

We charged on quickly today taking small breaks and quick photo shoots of this little frog.

I was hyped-up to get to Snoqualmie Pass because John, another Peace Corps friend, was coming to visit us! This meant we were also getting another hotel for the night so we could get some good rest, stay out of the rain, and visit with John. Let’s go!

We came across another gorgeous lake that we unfortunately didn’t swim in since it was still rainy and cold all day. Hopefully, eventually we will be able to get in a lake one more time!

A couple miles or so before the pass I past this marker… it made me smile and giddy knowing I was getting so close to Snoqualmie!

We could see the ski lifts and resort down below about a mile before we actually hit the road.

Once we were at the trail head I noticed some Body Armor bottles placed on the ground with note behind it that read “For PCT Thru Hikers.”

I was thrilled! A nice, free, refreshing drink for the walk into town, how perfect!

Journey and I had arrived at Snoqualmie way faster than we had expected around 4:30. We went to the gas station to pick up our resupply boxes and then went next door to check into the hotel.

Then right on time, John came down with pizza and beer for the crew. You just can’t go wrong with pizza and beer for thru hikers.

It was once again so nice to be able to be rejoined with a fellow Peace Corps friend. John had actually left before me, so it had been 3 years since I had last seen him! It was a blast to catch up and for us to share more of our Ethiopian experiences with the crew.

Thank you John for coming out and enjoying a night with us!!

I am going to bed with a full, happy belly. I can’t believe I am already in Snoqualmie?!

Iz and Oz

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