Day 109: “Classic Washington.”

August 27th, 2021

Mile Marker: 2415.6

Miles Hiked Today 21

Today was cold and rocky and amazing.

We started out the morning sleeping in and grabbing a pancake breakfast next door. It was nice to not be in a rush. We had around 20ish miles to complete for the day.

We left the hotel by noon and walked back to the PCT. The weather was chilly but we quickly warmed up as we had a big climb back into the mountains.

I was loving the climb at first until it went from a dirt trail to a rocky trail. It made me realize how old my shoes were (maybe close to 800 miles?) and I was starting to feel each rock I was stepping on.

As we were heading up, a man that was coming down the mountain told us that there was a mountain goat not to far down the trail. My ears perked up! NO way?!

Journey had told me that if we saw a mountain goat that it would be a “Classic Washington” moment.

Since stepping into Washington, everyday Journey (Who grew up in Washington) has mentioned how the landscape or the foggy, misty weather is “Classic Washington”. Some days…he says this phrase more than once or twice. Some days… I wonder if he realizes how often he says it. Some days…I now try to beat him to the punch. 😂

Regardless, this mountain goat, is definitely Washington.

We ended up rounding a bend and saw that it wasn’t just one goat, but a momma and her baby!

They just stared at us with their beady eyes. Following our every move. I felt like I was in a trance and couldn’t look away.

Once we slowly walked away we continued up to the “Catwalk” that looked just like the Knifes Edge. Except this path was much shorter than Knifes Edge.

Planner and I did a little catwalk strut to show off our hiking clothes. So clean and pristine.

I felt a little bummed that we couldn’t see any views again at a spot that was known for its views, but like always, the fog brings it’s own beauty…Or makes for cool pictures to take.

We hit 2400 miles today! Ah!! 250 miles to go!

We continued on hiking through the fog, over the rocks, and occasionally the fog would let up and the sun would come shining through.

I had my fingers crossed that it would fully clear up later in the day.

Then, get this, we saw another mountain goat! I actually saw it from afar down the trail coming around a bend and watched other hikers jump in surprise. Once we got closer to it, you could tell that the goat was older and seemed to be struggling a bit. He wanted to be hiking on the nice easy trail and not up on the rocks.

We hiked on and in the evening came up on another ridge and noticed the clouds had let up.

We could now see all the hidden mountains. I felt like I was in this magical place.

We decided to stop and eat our dinner with a view since it was already 6. We all sat and watched the clouds roll over the edges of the mountains.

I couldn’t stop staring and believing that this was my life. I get to work hard for majority of the day and see these epic views while I eat my dinner.

I am living the dream.

After a while we decided that we should continue on and find place to camp. We hiked back down the mountain while darkness fell upon us.

When we arrived at what we thought was our camp site, we realized we were off trail, although we saw no other trail junction. We decided to head back up the current trail and rejoin with the PCT. We were only about .5 off.

We got to a camp spot late but it was such an eventful day that I am not even worried about it.

I’m happy actually. Really freaking happy.

Today, was one for the books.

Iz and Oz

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