Day 111/112: Stevens Pass/Leavenworth, Washington.

August 29th-30th, 2021

Mile Marker: 2465.2

Miles Hiked Today: 26

This morning was amazing! It’s my favorite to watch the beginning twinkles of light coming up behind the mountains.

As Planner and Conrad slept, Journey and I took our sleeping bags out into the open and made our breakfast as we watched the sun come up. It was an extremely slow start but well worth it.

The goal today was to get to Stevens pass by 6 pm to meet Journey’s brother for a ride to Leavenworth. We had 26.5 miles to cover in the meantime, we needed to boogie.

The morning seemed to fly by as we found ourselves preoccupied with taking pictures of the surrounding mountains and ice cold lakes.

Journey decided to get into one but I decided against it since it was still early and I wasn’t yet hot enough. (Or I was just chicken of the cold water 🤷🏽‍♀️)

I was thrilled that we had another clear day today. I couldn’t stop staring and taking pictures of this Washington beauty.

We stopped for lunch pretty much on trail and had these 4 weekend hikers come by. They asked if we were thru hikers and were thrilled to hear about our trek thus far. They also congratulated us since we are so close to being done.

One of the hikers asked us what was our most favorable memory thus far. I felt like this was such a tough question to answer. The desert feels like a life time ago. But in reality it was only a couple months ago.

So much has happened since starting this journey and it once again made me have an overwhelming since of gratitude. The landscapes I’ve seen, the people I’ve met, the emotions I’ve processed. All of it, had been totally 100 percent worth it.

It was a joy talking to them and we both wished each other well as Journey and I hiked on.

We were now loaded up on fuel and encouragement and were ready to tackle miles. I sure didn’t want to make Journey’s brother wait for us and wanted to make sure we were there on time so we busted a groove.

We had some major climbs that went straight up and made my heart pump fast but I was loving it. It feels good to work hard.

Even though we were moving fast we still took a little bit of time to pick some wild blueberries. A mouthful of deliciousness.

The last 2 miles we had a nice gradual descent and I found myself running it. It had been a while since I had ran especially because of my shin splints but they were subsiding and I was feeling good. Like real good.

I took off and had a huge smile on my face. I ended up coming up behind two day hikers and startled them. They apologized to me but I told them it wasn’t a big deal at all and that I was sorry. The woman looked at me while running and said “We love to see it!”

Was it me running with a smile that they loved? Did they know I was a thru hiker and that I am becoming so close to the finish?

I flew down the mountain and at one point extended my arms out like I was an airplane twisting and turning.

I felt so alive.

We made it to the pass earlier than we thought and rode with Journey’s brother to the town of Leavenworth.

During this 40 minute drive I had my first stomach pain thinking about the trail almost being over. We officially had under 200 miles to go. 9 days left to hike.

This trip is coming to an end and I was feeling it for the first time. I’m not ready. Nor do I think I will ever be. Starting the PCT was nerve wracking and ending is just the same, but for very different reasons.

We arrived in Leavenworth and I was in awe. Leavenworth is set up to look like a German town and have a German feel. Where am I??

We checked into a hotel and then went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant where I devoured some chicken fajitas.

Afterwards we stopped to get some much needed ice cream and then headed in for the night.

The next morning we decided to go ahead and zero since Journey had rolled his ankle pretty bad and we all were needing a zero.

I went to the post office and grabbed a box from once again, Kari!!

It even had homemade cookies in it that our crew ate in a flash. Thank you so much for all the support!!

Late morning we all also said bye to Journey’s brother and spent the rest of the day doing chores and resting.

And… eating yummy food! This burger… one of the best.

It was a restful day and tomorrow we will get back out to trail!

Iz and Oz

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