Day 113: Rain And Some More Rain.

August 31st, 2021

Mile Marker: 2490.1

Miles Hiked Today: 25

Man oh man was today tough mentally.

We woke up around 6:30 and left the hotel by 7:30. We weren’t sure how trying to hitch was going to go but ended up only having to wait 10 minutes or so.

We were picked up by a woman in a mini van that had just dropped her kids off for their first day of school. She also let us know that she was a recovering addict and had been clean for 5 years so far.

I listened to her talk with Planner who was sitting up front and pondered what really drives an addict to stay sober. Why do some relapse and why do some not. Is it solely personality? Or is it all external factors?

The ride took about 40 minutes and when we arrived back at Stevens Pass, the weather was cold, foggy, and misting.

Oh boy, here we go.

We had just come from such a warm comfortable hotel and now were heading out in some of the most uncomfortable weather.

We all put on some layers and rain jackets and headed out for the day. Our goal was to hit 27 miles for the next four days. It was a lofty goal for starting at 8:30 but I figured we could do it.

The weather remained the same for majority of the day unfortunately. I had hoped that it would clear up but it only did for about 10 minutes.

It seemed as if every time I took off my rain jacket from hiking uphill, it would start to rain again. The weather couldn’t decide what it wanted to do.

We kept hiking quickly and steadily only stopping once for a quick 30 minute lunch.

I hated having to do this. Having to hike all day with minimal stops but we didn’t have any other choice. If we stopped too long, we would get too cold. We had to keep moving and being uncomfortable.

For the second half of the day I could no longer feel my feet. All the bushes and grass collect all the water from the rain so that when we walked by it, it brushes on us and goes into our shoes.

Cold feet and hands and wet packs and jackets. It sure wasn’t the best day, I’d say.

During the second half of the day, Journey and I listened to a podcast that helped keep us going for the afternoon. To take our minds off of being uncomfortable and instead cause us to laugh.

Laughter makes the world go round.

We arrived at a campsite at 5:30 and decided that it was good enough for the day. We had done 25 miles and there was no campsite further down trail at 27. We were ready to get warm.

We had ample time to eat dinner and even made some hot chocolate with fireball as a little night cap.

I’m in my tent by 7:30 pm which is the earliest yet. I’m not upset about it though. It is frigid out and it’s only supposed to get worse.

My feet still haven’t warmed up yet but I know they will and eventually I will warm up. I feel so much stronger mentally about the cold than I was day 6 on the AT. 😂

Fingers crossed I can stay warm all through the night!

Iz and Oz

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