Night 39: Hike Your Own Hike.

6:16 pm

May 9, 2017

Total Miles: 497

Waking and leaving the hotel was hard a few days ago.  I could of slept in that bed forever and it felt nice especially with my cold.

My cold has definitely gotten better and I have packed out my certain concoctions to help it.😊  Hoping it’ll be complete gone soon.

I walked by my self mostly yesterday.  I started to linger behind the groups.

Which was extremely needed. I felt my mood becoming negative for some reason. So I made an effort to walk slow and popped my ear buds in to listen to music. It helped a ton.

I have found that sometimes I am always surrounded by hikers and need to distance myself to have alone time and do my own thing. I am an extrovert but can be an introvert sometimes to.

We covered 16 miles yesterday and this was my view when I laid down my tent. It was gorgeous. I laid here for a good while.

Today I am Currently  in my tent enduring a storming. I honestly don’t think I have ever heard a storm so loud every lightening and thunder feels like it is right beside me and we started having some hail too.

Sasquatch, Yak, Spur and I are all tenting along with alot of scattered others. We let out some hollers after the loud thunders. I set up a line in my tent to dry my clothes.

This morning and logjam, yak, planner, and I planned to do 15 miles to the only shelter in Grayson Highlands.
We started when there was a pause in the rain and it felt relatively warm.

We were wrong. We hiked on and the rain started and then the cold wind started.

It was quite miserable. We were shivering pretty quickly if we stopped hiking.

So we stopped at a shelter 10 miles out and decided to call it because it wasn’t rainy any more and it was ideal to set up our tents when it wasn’t raining.

Logjam and planner stayed in the shelter and yak and I went to tent.

An hour or so later planner came and said she was going to continue to the next shelter. Said she was antsy and couldn’t stop here. she likes to keep her miles even every day. So We made plans to meet up tomorrow. The rest of us are just planning to do a longer day tomorrow. It as of now tomorrow looks pretty nice.

This week however will be a wet one and yak said it best. This week isn’t about miles its about surviving. Getting through the wet and cold in a way that won’t leave us miserable.

I enjoyed ending today early and hanging out in our tents. Tent life is the way to go. 😊 I absolutely love staying in my tent. Its my little oasis.

I’m hoping planner didn’t get rained on or stormed on. I was sad to see her leave but you have to hike your own hike out here. And I am hopefully we will see her again tomorrow. 

I just keep reminding myself that the sun will come out eventually. And am doing my best to endure and learn how to embrace the rain!

No service.

Iz and Oz

2 Replies to “Night 39: Hike Your Own Hike.”

  1. Will send you some warm weather. Should be on the way. Enjoy and be safe. I enjoy the information about your trip. Have a good week.

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  2. Oh the rain, Izzy! I so feel for you! We used to try to make light of it by laughing about how in our other life people would run as fast as hell from their car into target to avoid a few drops—AND they had a dryer at home to throw their clothes in…we too loved the comfort of our tent. I know that feeling exactly!! I’m thinking of you Izzy, and know that no matter how tough the days are they become the fertilizer (shit) that dreams and blessings and miracles blossom from and a place from which you’lol later look back on from a climate controlled room and realize how much strength you gained in those moments that you’ll carry with you all your life. Love and hugs to you out there!

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