Day 42: My Little Pony!!!

7:24 pm

May 12, 2017

Total Miles: 544

Day 40

What a day.

Gorgeous weather today. I was so happy that we took it easy during the rain and didn’t push on. Because today the weather was incredible and I was able to spend copious amounts of time with ponies.

Right in the morning they came right up to the shelter. Log jam yelled out to us who were tenting…”The shelter is a petting zoo!”   I was elated.

I left solo and was in awe at the beauty I was seeing. It was hard to walk because of all the slick rocks but I was loving it. The Grayson Highlands is a place I want to come back to 100 percent.

Ponies everywhere.  They are so majestic its unbelievable.

They also like to lick you. Haha

We even past a bull. I was happy I was with log jam at this point.

He just walked right by us acting like he was strutting his stuff.

We made to shelter later in the day and planner was waiting for us just like she said.

I have had friends, men that Ive dated and sometimes even family members flake out on me multiple times. You know… Say one thing and never follow through. Gets your hopes up for nothing. This group though…. Has kept their word on everything… It has been one of the best things to find people you can rely on and actually trust. We are our own little tramily and I absolutely adore em.

So anyhow…we did a long day of hiking and the gang is back together. 🙂

Day 41

Woke up today motivated to get to the partnership shelter. It had a shower and we could go to the visitor center to have food delivered!

All of us hiked pretty fast. When actual food is on the brain… It kind of takes over.

We ordered some delicious pizza

Hung out for a while then headed 7 more miles to the next shelter. We might have struggled those last 7 with such full bellies But it was worth it.

It was humid today but we are so happy to not get rained on.

Day 42

We hiked a short day today into Atkins. Its going to down pour all day so we resupplied on food, ate out, and got a cheap hotel for the night. We will head out tomorrow!
I can’t believe I almost a fourth done.. I can’t believe I am in Virginia!! So crazy and yes.. I am still enjoying all of it. 😊

I think Ozzy is too but he needs to be repaired. 😬

Iz and Oz

One Reply to “Day 42: My Little Pony!!!”

  1. The ponies are so wonderful. 💜👏🏻 Oh! Yes, the Partnership Shelter was our last in our original thru hike! So happy you’ve found a sweet little trail family💜Those relationships are so meaningful.


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