Day 46: Woods Hole Hostel

May 16, 2017

4:30 pm

Total Miles: 623

This morning we slept in late. I slept hard after the night hike. Around 8 a guy named Alex walked by (he stayed at the last shelter ) and let us know logjam actually made it to that shelter and was going to come to the hostel as well. So he was behind us but that Yak was further back. 

Like Ive said before. The beauty of the trail is that tramilies come and go. We all knew its unlikely to stay together till the end. You just enjoy it while you are together.

We hiked a short day of 13 miles today.

We crossed an awesome looking pond.

I was tempted to get in but held off.

We hiked to the famous Woods Hole Hostel. It was the first hostel built in the AT and it was amazing.

By far the best Hostel I have stayed at.

This was the bunk house

Which had a bunks…

And a space to socialize with a couch and table with games and a huge power strip to charge your electronics and fresh made goodies that you paid with on an honor system.

Then…. The bathroom was too legit.

And the shower was even better..

You could even order a smoothie and they brought it to you

Planner, Lembas, and I all got one. They were SO good.

Anyone who stays helps out.

Us girls helped prep dinner

Here is the back yard where we ate.

The food though….

Was all organic, alot from their own garden. Most everything was home made. Like the bread. Homemade bread. It was to die for. We ate salad and stir-fry and rice and even had homemade ice cream after. It was delicious.

They also had this pet duck.

I wanted to take him home with me. He was quite the little duck. 😁

I was SO happy we came here.

Also because I had my father send out my much needed resupply box with new shoes.

Just look how bad mine got.

Woods Hole is somewhere I have just got to come back to. It was such a relaxing place!

Tomorrow we are hiking into Pearisburg!

Iz and Oz

2 Replies to “Day 46: Woods Hole Hostel”

  1. More beautiful pictures. I am a out side person so I enjoy them.


  2. What a cool place and I am so happy you got fresh new shoes. You will feel like a new person with new shoes lol. Thank you sharing your AWESOME adventure. I might take up short distant hiking!! Take Care♡

    Liked by 1 person

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