Day 45: Lion, Tigers, and Bears!!

May 15, 2017

1:00 am

Total Miles: 610

This morning we slept in and got a free breakfast at New Hope Union church.

Every Monday this group of people will drive out to a part of the trail. Pick up whoever is there AND however many is there and will provide a hearty breakfast. (we had no idea till the night before)

They were awesome. I couldn’t believe how well they adapted to the amount of people we had this week. They said last week they only had 3 and this week they had about 20.

But they didn’t care. They just wanted us to get fed well. Which we did. I was So thankful for such a full belly for free.

Planner, Lembas, and I set out and Logjam and Yak had done people from the church take them in to town for a quick resupply. So we knew the group was going to be split up.

It was a hot day but doable.

We hit the 600 mark!!!

Right before we got to the shelter at 18 miles.

But Us three decided that we wanted to night hike. The weather was perfect to. Also it would allow us to have led miles tomorrow to get to the hostel. So we ate dinner, took out our head lamps and headed back out.

We were told you usually see bears early morning or at night. So Planner and I had just left the shelter and I was leading. As we walked I asked her ” So Planner, are you ready to see a bear.. Cause we really probably will.

Literally. Right as I am saying this and we are having this conversation I hear a louder noise in the leaves than a usual squirrel.. I looked ahead and see a black bear cub running in front of us and then to the left of the trail.

We could not believe it!! Then we both got eerie and got really loud because that means that momma bear is near.

We didn’t get to see momma but the baby cub looked so fluffy and cute!!!!

It was SO cool. 😁

Any who. Lembas caught up and us three hiked into the night.

It was quite the experience. We talked alot because if you stay quiet too long you start to hear things and your paranoia takes over.

We came across a long suspension bridge..

Lembas was in front and shaking it while we were in it. I was shrieking and laughing my butt off.

Right after that we came to an open road and clearing.

The stars were unbelievable. There were so many. We all turned off our head lamps and just gazed.

We ended our hike around midnight and put in a total of 27 miles.

Needless to say. I am exhausted!! In a very good way.

It was a long day but it all added some spice and variety to the day. It was nice.


Iz and Oz

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