Day 50: Trail Days

May 20, 2017

12:21 Pm

Total Miles: 635

Planner, logjam, Lembas, Alex and I all made it to Pearisburg Wednesday afternoon. We resupplied on food, went to a Chinese buffet and had an intense conversation about what our next plans were going to be.

Trail Days is a festival for hikers. Food, Games, music, people to fix your gear, places to buy new gear, etc. etc.

Initially Planner and I were not going to go. We didn’t want to feel like back tracking and have to worry about a ride to Damascus where the event is held.

But once we got to Pearisburg and to the buffet a man named young Gandalf told us he was going to rent a car and could take us there.

Alot of our friends were going like logjam and yak and alot of people behind me that I might not see again are as well. I could feel myself leaning towards going back.

Planner and I discussed it and came down to the realization that this is a once in a lifetime event. It had been talked about since we started. And in the grand scheme of things. We have no deadline. So taking some days off and letting lose is something we SHOULD do.

So. We changed our minds, got a hotel in Pearisburg and went to goodwill.


Trail days calls for funky clothes. There was no better place to go to.

We left for Damascus Thursday afternoon.

Upon arriving the were a TON of hikers, alot of smiling faces, and people were gushing with generosity.

We went to the fire station and had free yummy yummy food.

Later in the evening I saw scout, pots, and spills. I was behind stoked.

I absolutely love those guys it was so so so so so nice to see and visit with them again.

Friday morning we had more free food by one way ministries and downtown had free wash and massage of the feet by another ministry.

And yes. I definitely took part.

It was extremely nice.

I spent the day lounging around and seeing so many people that I had met earlier on.

There is so much free stuff it is ridiculous. Literally. Amazing.

And the wonderful. Tent city.

This is only probably a quarter of the tents. There are a ton back in the woods behind it.

Its been a blast so far and will partake in a parade filled with us hikers. I’m pumped!!

We will head back to the trail tomorrow morning.

Iz and Oz

2 Replies to “Day 50: Trail Days”

  1. How fun! I hope to go to trail days someday!! Good for you for going. I remember Pres and I having a conversation at some point along the way about whether we should stay an extra day in a town we really loved. Then suddenly it dawned on us that this was our journey and there were no rules, and so we stayed. We ended up having some really magical experiences and it helped us loosen up about miles, since, asyou know that seems to sneak in as such a focus when you’re out there whether or not you wanted it to. But it is your once in a lifetime journey! I’m glad you like went. I felt like as long as it was just a few days it never messed us up much. The only time I feel like it was an issue was when we stayed for a whole week with my aunt to take a break when we were almost halfway. It was just long enough that it kinda made a dent in our progress and made us too comfortable. But we of course kept going. And I’m sure we really needed the mental (and physical) break at the time. It’s such a fine balance between miles and total freedom…ya gotta just follow your heart where it leads…they say it’s about the journey not the destination…maybe it’s both, bit the heart is always the truest map. ❤️️

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  2. The two highlights of my day were experiencing the gorgeous bike ride down from White Top, and meeting you in Mojo’s Cafe – what a delight! Will be following your adventure hereon…

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