Day 54: Slide to the left. Slide to the right… Butt slide! Butt slide!

Miles 702


May 24


Today was brutal and phenomenal.

Woke up to the good ol’ rain and had to pack my tent while it was reading. Aka. My shit got really really wet.

I was feeling alright and was flying for the first few miles thinking wow today is going to go fast.

Jinxing it I did.

I came to a ridgeline that was straight slanted rocks. I wish I could have taken a picture to show you.

My shoes also had zero traction in these wet rocks…

I started to slow down greatly. But slowness still wouldn’t protect me.

Bam!  I fell down hard on my left leg and slid down into a torn Bush. You would think I would complain but I was grateful. A foot over there was no Bush and the slanted rocks kept going. I could of ended way further down.

The rocks made me curse up a storm but smile and laugh at the same time.

Like this is nuts!!

It made me think of a phrase blue suit said to me. ” look for the flat spots. They are always there” it became my mantra over these rocks.

I wish I could say then that I never fell again.

But I did. The second time I slipped in an area that you really probably shouldn’t slip on…

But I did and I died of laughter.

I felt like a beetle that gets flipped over with their limbs flying about trying to get back up. Its hard to figure out sometimes which is the best route back up 😂

My legs are pretty scratched up.

I made it to the first shelter for food and met up with planner to hike the rest of the day.

We had some big mountains today and while we were about to descend one of them. Two ladies who were going south bound told us there was awesome trail magic at the end of this mountain.

I almost cried with excitement. Then I turned and ran a few feet. I could not wait! So we quickened our pace and when we approached the tents…we recognized it was Old Goat and Granny!!!! That did amazing trail magic at Watugua Lake!!

We ate burgers, muffins, candies, they had it all just like last time. I was so thankful. It was exactly what we needed to finish our long day of 23 miles.

It didn’t start raining hard until 4ish. Right before we made it to Dragons Tooth.

It was quite fun. I definitely climbed out about three 4th of the way and then thought…. Ok this is good enough. Especially on wet rocks. Turn around Isabella, turn around. It still gave me an adrenaline boost climbing up, over, and around rocks like a jungle gym.

Afterwards we were told that it will be a difficult mile after Dragons Tooth.

It was indeed but it was extremely exhilarating!

We had to crouch down, use our hands, and the wonderful butt slide down the steep vertical rocks. It was crazy!! I was loving it! It might be one of my favorite spots so far. 

We ended the day at Four Pines Hostel. It is basically a home that is on a farm. They made a building with couches, lawn chairs, etc for us to sleep on.

We didn’t get in till late and Scout, lady in the picture below(who was so nice and hilarious)  gave us her extra pizza. Which was pretty much a whole pizza.

So we had free pizza, beer, and chex mix to end the night.

They also had availability in their barns. Pretty much find a spot and set up. Which planner and I did on the floor. It worked.

They also had a “privy” a working toilet and shower for us.

People including ourselves commonly use the phrase hiker trash. How we go about living is simple and easy. This setting would never happen in “real life”. Most people would complain about this place.

All we need is a place to lay our sleeping pad and sleeping bag and a place to get a shower and maybe do laundry.

Life can be so simple.

We are heading out later today!

Iz and Oz

One Reply to “Day 54: Slide to the left. Slide to the right… Butt slide! Butt slide!”

  1. PTL for the bush that stopped your fall, Granny and Old goat, the farm ‘hotel’ and generous people! His angels are keeping watch over you. Love, love……

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